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The decisions involved when you decide to become a professional business owner and to take your product or services to market are daunting.Firstly, there are seven areas of business management in which you must be proficient to run a successful business that provides the wealth and lifestyle choice you desire.A cornerstone to any business is cashflow; this is created by having a pool of potential clients who trust you, want or need your products, and see the value in what you are offering. Helping Hand

To create cashflow you need a targeted lead generation strategy that presents a cohesive seamless transaction between all parties involved.

At Retail Selling we help ensure your first steps to being a professional business entrepreneur are built on a solid foundation with a strategy to assist you in going forward.

We work with our clients in five different ways to make sure that they get the best results for their business within their budget constraints (we have budgets to suit all pockets):

  1. Create concept and brand in alignment with the target market. This is ideal for start-ups or those businesses in need of a makeover.
  2. On a project-by-project basis – We help them develop their customer experience, customer retention, customer service, social media strategy and their existing client base.
  3. On an interim basis – Like the above but this is for clients that need an extra pair of hands to ‘get stuff done’.
  4. Mentoring/Coaching – Where clients have an existing team in place, we help the team to develop their skills through mentoring and coaching.
  5. In-house training/workshops – We can deliver training in a specific customer-related area or facilitate at at a team or strategy meeting.

In all of our work, we live by the mantra:

No hype. Just practical stuff that works.

From this you will have gleaned that our approach is straightforward, pragmatic and practical, but that it also produces results and fantastic returns on investment over time.

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