Our Services

Michelle Mac has a range programmes or targeted initiatives that give the potential clients or customers three immediate benefits

  • Clarity on where they are going, and how they are going to get there.
  • Save time and money by implementing systems that are proven to have worked.
  • Use methods that require less effort by working smarter.

The three features of using Michelle Mac

  • Peace of mind as to the services provided.
  • Ability to budget due to the pricing being fixed.
  • A time frame and structure for starting and completion of engagement.

Michelle Mac has developed 7 very distinct programmes/services that are personalise and customised to meet the requirements of the client.

Time Management Workshop

A three hour workshop that is tailored to small-medium business owners or staff members who believe they need to regain control of their time management. Proven strategies and techniques are provided in this comprehensive workshop, addressing the issues facing attendees in a proactive manner. This workshop is run monthly and can be run in house if requested.

Business Planning Workshop

Every business should plan for the future, as it gives the business direction and focus. When you plan in business, you have a basis for growing sales, a base for marketing activity, performance measures for staff improvement, identification of what really matters and a plan for action. This workshop aims to support business owners by demystifying the business plan in the sense of the big picture and organizing it into achievable goals that are targeted, measurable and time framed. The workshop is 3 hours in duration and run monthly.

90 day Business Clarity Programme

For the business owner who requires support in gaining clarity with regards to either an opportunity or a problem this programme assists the business in going forward. This is a very comprehensive programme and is tailored to those who need support and clarity in combining all the elements involved in owning a business

Creating a Client Acquisition Strategy

Learn how to create a system that attracts clients that you or your business wishes to have be involved in your business. Become focused on who and what your ideal client looks like and learn how to engage with them in a compelling non threatening manner.

Maximising the Advertising Budget Strategy

A Programme designed to address the advertising budget issues faced by SME’s whilst working to increase the incremental value in lead generation, sales conversion and client fulfilment strategies

Connecting with potential clients

As a business strategist working with client’s one of the most difficult issues they face is promoting themselves and then writing website content for their business that obtains an immediate connection with their potential clients. To this end we are able to write content based on the fundamentals of listening to the client, understanding the target market and what the primary objective of the website is for the particular business.

The Business Start-Up Ready Package

For the business owner in start-up mode, or operating for less than three years, who appreciates and understands the value and the support given by a professional business mentor as they strive to achieve their vision.

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